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Alix Earle has created a remarkable video documenting her personal experience with Accutane. Titled "#Accutane Journey," the video provides an in-depth account of her journey with this acne medication. To watch the complete video, visit my page where it is shared.

In the video, Alix Earle takes viewers through her entire experience with Accutane. She discusses the reasons why she decided to pursue this treatment and the impact acne had on her life. By sharing her personal story, she aims to help others who may be going through similar struggles.

Throughout the video, Earle describes the various stages of her Accutane journey in detail. She highlights both the positive and negative aspects of the treatment, including its effectiveness in clearing her acne and the potential side effects she experienced. Moreover, she shares her skincare routine and tips for managing dryness and sensitivity, which are common during Accutane treatment.


The video serves as a valuable resource for individuals considering taking Accutane or currently undergoing the treatment. It sheds light on both the benefits and challenges of this medication, allowing viewers to make informed decisions about their own skincare journeys.

To access the complete video, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the page where it is posted. Alix Earle's openness and transparency provide a relatable and insightful perspective on Accutane, making her video worth watching for anyone interested in understanding the experiences associated with this acne treatment.