Juggling Entrepreneurship, Influence, and Parenthood: A Day in the Life of a Multitasking Mompreneur


In this video titled "Day in the Life of A Full-Time Influencer, Small Business Owner & NEW MOM 😅 || Vlogmas day 10", the content revolves around showcasing a day in the life of a full-time influencer who also happens to be a small business owner and a new mom. The video is part of the Vlogmas series for day 10.

The video starts with the influencer introducing herself and giving a brief overview of her hectic schedule, juggling between her responsibilities as a full-time influencer, a small business owner, and a new mom. She expresses the challenges and joys that come with each role.

The influencer begins her day early in the morning, waking up to the sound of her alarm clock.


She quickly checks her phone for any urgent messages or notifications related to her small business and social media platforms. After getting ready for the day, she heads to her home office to get some work done before her baby wakes up.

She spends a significant portion of her morning replying to emails, collaborating with brands, and planning content for her various social media platforms. As a full-time influencer, she emphasizes the importance of consistency in creating and posting content to engage her audience.

Once her baby wakes up, the influencer takes a break from work to attend to her child's needs.


She changes the baby's diaper, prepares a bottle, and spends quality time with her little one. Being a new mom is a top priority for her, and she cherishes every moment with her child.

Throughout the day, the influencer also manages the operations of her small business. She handles inventory, packaging, and shipping of her products. Running her own business comes with its own set of challenges, but she enjoys the creative aspect that allows her to express herself and her brand.

The video also showcases snippets of the influencer's personal life, including spending time with her husband and cooking a family dinner.


She believes in finding a balance between work and family and tries her best to navigate through her busy schedule.

As the day comes to an end, the influencer reflects on her roles as a full-time influencer, small business owner, and new mom. Despite the busyness and occasional overwhelming moments, she feels fulfilled and grateful for the opportunities and support she has.

In conclusion, this video provides a glimpse into the daily life of a full-time influencer who manages a small business and embraces the joys and challenges of being a new mom. It highlights the multitasking nature of her life while emphasizing the importance of finding balance and cherishing family moments. This vlog is part of the Vlogmas series, showcasing a day in her life on the 10th day of December.