Wickedly Glamorous: Wednesday Addams' Makeup Transformation on Netflix's "Miercoles or Merlina"


The article discusses the popular makeup look inspired by Wednesday Addams, the iconic character from the Addams Family. The makeup look, also known as "Netflix | Miercoles or Merlina," is gaining popularity among makeup enthusiasts.

Wednesday Addams, from the Addams Family franchise, is known for her gothic and eerie appearance. Her signature look includes pale skin, darkened eyes, and severe black braids. This unique and striking combination has inspired many individuals to recreate her character's makeup look.

The makeup look, now often referred to as "Netflix | Miercoles or Merlina," is in reference to the Netflix series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" which features a character named Sabrina Spellman.


Sabrina's character is said to resemble a modern version of Wednesday Addams.

The article highlights several key features of the Wednesday Addams-inspired makeup look. These include achieving pale and flawless skin, creating intense and thick black eyeliner, applying dark eyeshadow to create a smokey effect, and wearing a deep red or black lipstick.

To achieve the pale and flawless skin, makeup enthusiasts are recommended to use a light foundation or concealer that matches their skin tone and then setting it with a translucent powder. This creates a ghost-like appearance that is reminiscent of the character.


The focus of the makeup look lies in the eyes. To recreate Wednesday Addams' intense and thick black eyeliner, individuals are advised to use a waterproof black eyeliner pencil and apply it along the upper lash line, extending it slightly to create a winged effect. The lower lash line can also be lined with the same eyeliner for added drama.

For the eyeshadow, dark, smoky shades such as charcoal or black are recommended. These can be blended onto the eyelids and combined with the black eyeliner to create a haunting effect.

The final touch for the Wednesday Addams-inspired makeup look is the choice of lipstick.


A deep red or black shade is preferred to enhance the gothic aesthetic. The lipstick should be applied precisely and can be further intensified by using a lip liner.

In conclusion, the article discusses the growing trend of recreating the Wednesday Addams makeup look. The popularity of this look has led to it being known as "Netflix | Miercoles or Merlina," inspired by the Netflix series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." Achieving pale skin, intense black eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and a deep red or black lipstick are the key elements to replicate this iconic and eerie look.