Vibrant Freehand Globetrotting: Unleashing a Spectrum of 12 Pentel Oil Pastels!


Drawing a freehand globe is an artistic endeavor that allows you to showcase your creativity and express your love for the world. In this article, we will discuss the steps to create a stunning freehand globe using 12 different colors of Pentel oil pastels.

To begin, gather the necessary materials, including a clean sheet of paper, a set of 12 colors of Pentel oil pastels, and a soft cloth or tissue for blending.

Step 1: Start by sketching a rough outline of the globe. Draw a simple circle in the center of the paper using a light-colored pastel, such as yellow or light blue. Remember that this is just a rough sketch, so it doesn't have to be perfect.


Step 2: Choose a dark blue or navy pastel to outline the continents. Begin with a light stroke to mark the general shape of each continent, and then gradually add more details. Take reference from an image of a globe to ensure accuracy in portraying the continents' shapes.

Step 3: Now, start adding color to the continents. Use a mixture of greens, browns, and oranges to represent the landmasses. Be sure to blend the colors smoothly to create a realistic texture. Use a soft cloth or tissue to gently blend the colors together, giving the continents a natural appearance.

Step 4: Next, move on to coloring the oceans.


Select shades of blues and greens to represent the different depths of the water. Apply the colors in a circular motion, gradually darkening towards the center of the ocean areas to create a sense of depth. Don't forget to blend the colors nicely with a cloth or tissue.

Step 5: To give a final touch to your freehand globe, add highlights and shading. Use a white pastel to highlight the landmasses, applying it to areas with the most light. Additionally, add a soft shadow along the coastlines, giving the globe a three-dimensional effect.

Step 6: Take a step back to observe your creation and make adjustments if required.


Look for any areas that need additional blending or detail work and make the necessary corrections.

Your freehand globe using the 12 colors of Pentel oil pastels is now complete! Display and appreciate your artistic creation, showcasing your love for the world and your artistic skills.

In conclusion, drawing a freehand globe using 12 colors of Pentel oil pastels allows you to create a beautiful representation of the world. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a stunning artwork that showcases your creativity and passion for the globe. Enjoy the process of blending colors and capturing the intricacies of continents and oceans, and proudly display your creation for others to admire.