A Glimpse into My Mom Life: A Day with My 3-Month-Old and Baby Essentials Haul

This article discusses the daily routine of a mother with a 3-month-old baby and also includes a haul of items the mother has bought for the baby. The author also shares how she truly feels as a mom during this time.

The article starts by describing the mother's typical day. She begins her day around 6:30 a.m when her baby wakes up. The mother breastfeeds the baby and changes her diaper before getting herself ready. She then spends some quality time playing and interacting with her baby. The mother mentions that her baby loves tummy time and enjoys looking at toys and books.

The article further explains the mother's morning routine, which includes making coffee, preparing breakfast, and doing some light cleaning. The mother also tries to squeeze in some self-care by doing a quick workout or skincare routine while the baby naps. The author emphasises the importance of self-care for moms and how it positively impacts her well-being.

The article then moves on to discuss the baby haul that the mother has done. She shares the items she has purchased for her 3-month-old baby, such as clothes, diapers, blankets, and toys. The mother also mentions that she prefers to buy practical items that will be useful for the baby's growth and development.

Towards the end of the article, the author reveals her true feelings about being a mom. She acknowledges that while motherhood is rewarding, it can also be challenging and overwhelming at times. The mother expresses that she often feels tired and struggles with balancing her own needs with those of her baby. She also admits to experiencing moments of doubt and anxiety, but ultimately finds joy in seeing her baby's milestone moments.

In conclusion, this article provides a glimpse into the life of a mother with a 3-month-old baby. It highlights the daily routine and activities, as well as the items the mother has purchased for her baby. Additionally, the author candidly shares her true feelings of both the rewarding and challenging aspects of motherhood.