Glamour Within the Confines: Unconventional Beauty Tips for Incarcerated Women


The article discusses the topic of beauty hacks used by female prisoners to enhance their appearance while behind bars. These tricks range from makeup techniques to skincare routines, revealing surprising methods employed by women to maintain a sense of normalcy and boost self-confidence.

Prison is often associated with a lack of personal freedom and limited resources, including beauty products. However, female inmates have devised creative solutions to work around these restrictions, resulting in the emergence of wild and unconventional makeup and skincare hacks.

One popular hack involves the use of instant coffee as a makeshift self-tanner.


Due to the absence of typical tanning products, inmates mix coffee with lotion or petroleum jelly and apply it to their skin for a temporary sun-kissed glow. This method not only helps them feel more confident but also creates a sense of normalcy by mimicking routines and products used outside prison walls.

Another surprising trick involves using the ink from colored pens as makeshift eyeliner. By carefully heating the pen tip and applying the melted ink to their eyelids, prisoners achieve a dramatic eye makeup look. While this method may seem unorthodox, it displays the resourcefulness and resilience of incarcerated women, who find ways to express themselves despite limited options.


Haircare is not neglected either, as inmates ingeniously make use of household items to create DIY hair remedies. For instance, crushed Skittles candy is mixed with water to produce a brightly colored rinse, giving the illusion of dyed hair. This simple yet effective method allows women to experiment with different hair shades, maintaining a sense of individuality even in a restrictive environment.

Skincare is also a vital aspect of prisoners' beauty routines. With limited access to skincare products, inmates turn to unconventional substitutes. Toothpaste, for instance, has been repurposed as a spot treatment for blemishes.


Its drying properties help reduce the appearance of acne, offering a quick fix until more conventional skincare products become available.

Additionally, the lack of mirrors in prison poses a challenge for women who wish to apply their makeup with precision. To overcome this obstacle, inmates have developed ingenious ways to create makeshift mirrors using materials such as tin foil or the back of a spoon. With these improvised tools, they can ensure their makeup application is on point, boosting their self-esteem and sense of identity.

In conclusion, despite the constraints of prison life, female inmates have managed to find innovative beauty hacks to maintain their appearance and boost their confidence. These wild and unconventional methods, from using coffee as self-tanner to applying pen ink as eyeliner, showcase the resourcefulness and determination of incarcerated women to express themselves and find moments of normalcy in a challenging environment.