Evelin launches a scathing attack on Mona for defending Wendy Guevara


Evelin is attacking Mona for defending Wendy Guevara

In a recent incident, Evelin has launched a fierce attack against Mona for standing up for Wendy Guevara. Wendy Guevara, a well-known personality, has apparently been a subject of controversy lately, and Mona took it upon herself to speak up in her defense. This act did not sit well with Evelin, who has now taken to criticizing Mona in a brutal manner.

The disagreement between Evelin and Mona stems from their differing opinions on Wendy Guevara's actions and public image. While Mona believes that Guevara deserves support and understanding, Evelin strongly disagrees and is using this opportunity to express her resentment towards Mona.


This dispute has escalated to the point where Evelin is going after Mona's reputation, attacking her personally for her defense of Guevara. The intensity of Evelin's aggression is evident as she aims to tear Mona down and discredit her opinions.

It is important to note that this controversy surrounding Wendy Guevara is not without its merits. The public has been divided in their judgments of Guevara's recent behavior, with some believing she has made mistakes and others expressing sympathy for her plight. Mona falls into the latter category and has chosen to use her platform to advocate for Guevara, which has provoked Evelin's anger.


The article does not provide specific details about the nature of the attack launched by Evelin, but it is apparent that she is targeting Mona's character and integrity. To defend Wendy Guevara, Mona must now withstand Evelin's onslaught.

The underlying issue in this dispute is the clash of perspectives on how public figures should be treated in times of controversy. Mona believes in offering support and understanding, allowing for growth and redemption, while Evelin takes a more critical stance, vehemently rejecting Guevara's actions.

In conclusion, the article discusses a confrontation between Evelin and Mona regarding their opposing views on the controversial figure Wendy Guevara. Mona has defended Guevara, while Evelin vehemently disagrees and has launched a personal attack on Mona. The article highlights the clash of perspectives on how public figures should be treated during times of controversy and the ensuing conflict between the two parties involved.