Effortless Galaxies: Unveiling the Beauty of Oil Pastels - A Serene Art Tutorial


This article is a tutorial on how to create a beautiful galaxy drawing using oil pastels. The tutorial aims to provide an easy and satisfying art project for individuals to enjoy.

The tutorial begins by gathering the necessary materials, which include oil pastels in various colors, black paper or canvas, a white oil pastel, and cotton swabs. Once all the materials are ready, the first step is to create a base for the galaxy by covering the paper or canvas with a layer of black oil pastel.

Next, the tutorial focuses on creating the vibrant colors that are characteristic of a galaxy. To achieve this, the artist starts by selecting a dark blue or purple oil pastel and gently applying it in circular motions on the canvas.


The process is then repeated with different colors, such as dark green or teal, blending them together to create a seamless transition of colors.

To add depth and dimension to the galaxy drawing, the artist introduces lighter shades of the chosen colors. This is done by using a cotton swab dipped in white oil pastel and applying it in circular motions over the dark colors. The blending of the white with the dark tones creates a glowing effect that adds depth to the galaxy.

The tutorial then suggests experimenting with additional colors, such as pinks or yellows, to further enhance the vibrancy of the galaxy drawing.


By repeating the same blending technique with these colors, the artist can create a unique and visually captivating galaxy.

To add stars to the drawing, the tutorial recommends using a white oil pastel or white acrylic paint and splattering it onto the canvas. This can be done by dipping a toothbrush into the paint or pastel and flicking it over the drawing. The result is a scattered pattern of stars that adds a touch of realism to the galaxy.

Finally, the artist suggests using metallic oil pastels to add shimmer and sparkle to the drawing. By lightly applying these metallic colors over the dark background, the artist can simulate the twinkle of stars and create a magical effect.


In conclusion, this tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating a beautiful galaxy drawing using oil pastels. The tutorial emphasizes the use of vibrant colors, blending techniques, and the addition of stars and shimmer to enhance the overall aesthetic. By following these easy steps, individuals can create a stunning and satisfying piece of art.