Tutorial: Quick and Simple Step-Cut for Layered Hair - Beginner-Friendly 5-Minute Step-by-Step Guide


The article provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily achieve a layered haircut. It specifically targets beginners and promises to teach them the process in just 5 minutes. The method explained in the tutorial is called a step cut.

To begin the layering process, make sure the hair is clean and dry. Use a comb to detangle the hair and remove any knots or tangles. Then, divide the hair into multiple sections for easier access.

Starting with the front section of the hair, take a small section and comb it straight down. Hold the hair tightly between your fingers and using a pair of sharp scissors, cut it in a straight line. It is crucial to hold the hair straight and keep the fingers secure throughout the process to ensure a clean and precise cut.


Next, release the cut section of hair and take another thin section from just below it. Comb it down and line it up with the previously cut section. Again, hold the hair tightly between the fingers and cut it in a straight line. This step creates layers and adds dimension to the hair.

Continue this process, working towards the back of the head, section by section. Always make sure to comb the hair straight down and hold it securely between your fingers before cutting. Regularly check the length and layers for consistency and adjust if necessary.

Once you have completed the layering process for the entire head, give it a final comb-through to make sure all the ends are even. If there are any parts that seem longer than desired, go back and trim them accordingly.


To style the layered haircut, you can use a hairdryer and round brush for a smooth and sleek look. Alternatively, you can use a curling iron or flat iron for a more textured and voluminous appearance. Applying some styling products, such as mousse or hairspray, can help hold the layers in place and add definition.

In summary, this article provides beginners with an easy and quick method for achieving a layered haircut. The step-by-step tutorial ensures precision and consistency throughout the process. By following these instructions and taking just 5 minutes, anyone can give themselves a trendy and stylish layered cut.