Aaron Mercury explains what happened with Yeri Mua's cards 😳

The popular magician Aaron Mercury recently revealed the details behind a mysterious incident involving Yeri Mua's cards. Yeri Mua, a fellow magician known for her impressive card tricks, found herself facing a strange and perplexing situation when her deck of cards suddenly disappeared.

According to Aaron Mercury, who is well-known for his knowledge of magic tricks and illusions, the incident took place during a magical convention where both magicians were performing. Yeri Mua had been showcasing her card manipulation skills to a captivated audience when she realized that her deck of cards had vanished into thin air.


The disappearance of Yeri Mua's cards left everyone baffled, including the experienced magician herself. She searched high and low for her cherished deck, turning the stage inside out, but to no avail. It seemed as though the cards had vanished without a trace.

Curious to unravel the mystery, Aaron Mercury decided to investigate the matter. After speaking to various attendees and analyzing the video footage of Yeri Mua's performance, he discovered a mind-boggling explanation for the vanishing cards.

It turns out that Yeri Mua had unintentionally stumbled upon a rare and powerful magical artifact known as the "Cardotte Amulet.


" This amulet, believed to possess otherworldly abilities, had the uncanny power to absorb nearby objects, particularly playing cards. Yeri Mua had unknowingly worn the amulet during her performance, causing her deck of cards to be drawn towards its mystical force.

The Cardotte Amulet had been missing for centuries, and its existence had become nothing more than a legend among magicians. Its reappearance at the convention had taken everyone by surprise, leaving Yeri Mua in a state of shock and confusion when her cards disappeared.

Fortunately, Aaron Mercury was able to locate the Cardotte Amulet and safely deactivate its powers.


The moment the amulet was removed from Yeri Mua's possession, her missing deck of cards reappeared, intact and unharmed.

The incident left both magicians fascinated by the supernatural encounter. Yeri Mua expressed her gratitude to Aaron Mercury for solving the perplexing puzzle and reuniting her with her beloved cards. She admitted that she had no idea about the amulet's existence and was relieved to have her cards returned.

As for the Cardotte Amulet, its mystical powers have once again faded into the realm of myth. The magicians who witnessed its strange abilities will undoubtedly remember this extraordinary event for years to come.