Continuing the journey! Discover the reactions and #skincaretips in #dermbypark - Part 2.


In response to a dermatologist's skincare tips, a creator has shared their thoughts and experiences in a two-part series called #dermbypark. The article focuses on the second part of the series. The creator provides a recap of their previous article and proceeds to discuss their journey towards understanding their own skin and finding the right skincare routine.

The creator explains how they were initially overwhelmed by the vast amount of skincare information available online. They decided to consult a dermatologist to get professional advice. The dermatologist shared valuable tips regarding sunscreen, moisturizers, and exfoliation. However, the creator felt that some of the tips were not suitable for their skin type and lifestyle.


As a result, the creator decided to experiment with different products and techniques to find what worked best for them. They emphasized the importance of listening to their own skin and making adjustments accordingly. The creator also highlights the need for consistency in following a skincare routine.

Furthermore, the creator addresses the negative comments received on their previous article, where some readers criticized their lack of expertise in the subject. They clarify that their intention was not to provide professional advice but rather to share their journey and encourage others to explore and experiment with skincare.

In conclusion, the creator believes that skincare is a personal journey, and what may work for one person may not work for another. They encourage everyone to educate themselves, consult professionals if necessary, and ultimately find a skincare routine that suits their individual needs.