Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Feathering Front Layer Haircut: Achieve a Flattering Face Framing Look


Title: Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Face Framing Hair Cut

Doing a face framing haircut at home can seem challenging, but it is actually quite easy with the right guidance. In this article, we will provide you with a simple step-by-step process for achieving a feather front layer haircut. This haircut is known for adding soft layers to the front section of the hair, creating a flattering frame for your face.

Here is a breakdown of the steps to achieve a face framing haircut:

1. Prepare: Start by washing and drying your hair. This will ensure a clean canvas to work on and make the cutting process smoother.


Additionally, gather all the necessary tools - a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors, a comb, hair clips, and a mirror.

2. Sectioning: Begin by separating the hair into two sections - the front section and the back section. Take a comb and draw an imaginary line from ear to ear, dividing the hair into two parts. Clip the back section away so that it is out of your way.

3. Length Determination: Decide on the desired length for the face-framing layers. Remember, these layers usually start around the cheekbones or jawline, depending on preference. Use your fingers to measure the length before making any cuts.


4. Cutting the Front Layers: With the length determined, comb out a small section of hair from the front section. Hold it between your fingers, slightly angling the hair towards the face. Using the scissors, make small, gentle cuts upwards towards your fingers, creating feathered layers. Continue this process, working through small sections at a time until you achieve the desired layering effect.

5. Blending: To ensure a seamless blend between the front and back sections of the hair, lightly trim the ends of the back section. Hold the hair between your fingers, perpendicular to your head, and make small snips to blend the layers together.


6. Finishing Touches: Once you are satisfied with the overall look, take a step back and evaluate the symmetry of the cut. Make any necessary additional snips to balance out the layers. Lastly, style your hair as desired. You can use a flat iron to add waves or curls for added dimension.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve a beautiful face framing haircut without having to visit a salon. Remember to have patience and take your time with each cut. With a little practice, you will be able to master this easy technique and enjoy a flattering hairdo that enhances your facial features.