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This article titled "5 Quick Styles for Short Hair" provides readers with a guide on how to create quick and easy hairstyles for short hair. The article comes from the authors Q and Tessi, who share their expertise in hairdos.

Short hair is often considered versatile and easy to manage, and this article aims to showcase various styling options for people with short hair. The authors suggest five quick styles that can be achieved in no time.

The first style is called the Sleek and Straight look. To achieve this style, one needs to apply a heat protectant serum and use a flat iron to straighten the hair. The authors recommend parting the hair to the desired side and using some hair spray for a sleek finish.


The second style suggested is the Messy Waves look. The authors advise using a curling wand to create loose waves throughout the hair. They suggest not curling hair from the roots to give it a more natural and effortless appearance. To finish the look, a texturizing spray can be used for added volume.

The third style is the Half Updo. For this style, the authors suggest pulling back the top section of the hair and securing it with bobby pins or a hair tie. This look can be enhanced by adding some loose curls or leaving a few strands of hair to frame the face.

The fourth style is the Side Braid. To achieve this look, the authors recommend taking a small section of hair from one side and creating a loose braid, securing it with a clear elastic band. This style is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to short hair.


The fifth and final style is the Top Knot. The authors suggest gathering all the hair on the top of the head and twisting it into a knot. This look can be secured with bobby pins or a hair tie. They also suggest leaving a few strands of hair loose around the face for a softer look.

In summary, this article provides readers with five quick and easy hairstyles for short hair. The authors, Q and Tessi, share their expertise in hairdos and offer step-by-step instructions on achieving each style. Whether one prefers a sleek and straight look, messy waves, a half updo, a side braid, or a top knot, there is something for everyone with short hair.