Too Much Info: Post-Baby Libido, Cosmetic Enhancements, Piles, and Contraception! || Vlogmas 24


Title: TMI Talk: Postpartum Sex Drive, Plastic Surgery, Hemorrhoids, and Birth Control! || Vlogmas Day 24


This vlogmas video dives into taboo topics, discussing postpartum changes in sex drive, plastic surgery after childbirth, the discomfort of hemorrhoids, and the importance of birth control.

Vlogmas Day 24 brings an honest and open discussion about postpartum experiences and issues that are often considered taboo. The video covers four main topics: postpartum sex drive, plastic surgery, hemorrhoids, and birth control.

Postpartum Sex Drive:

The vlogger shares her personal experience regarding sex drive after childbirth.


She highlights the common changes that occur in libido during the postpartum period. Hormonal fluctuations, fatigue, and changes in body image were all contributing factors mentioned. The vlogger emphasizes the need for patience and open communication between partners during this time.

Plastic Surgery:

The video touches on the topic of plastic surgery after childbirth. The vlogger explains that some women may choose to undergo procedures such as breast augmentations or tummy tucks to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. She emphasizes the importance of making informed choices and maintaining realistic expectations when considering plastic surgery.



Hemorrhoids, a common discomfort experienced during pregnancy and childbirth, are discussed candidly in the vlog. The vlogger shares her personal struggle with hemorrhoids, describing the pain and discomfort they can cause. She provides some tips and remedies that may alleviate symptoms and suggests seeking medical advice if needed.

Birth Control:

The vlogger concludes the video by addressing the importance of birth control after childbirth. She explains that while some women may opt for natural family planning methods, others may choose hormonal or non-hormonal contraceptives. The vlogger highlights that the choice of birth control method should be discussed with a healthcare provider to find the most suitable option.


In conclusion, this vlogmas video tackles various postpartum topics that are often considered taboo. The vlogger openly shares her experiences and insights on postpartum sex drive, plastic surgery, the discomfort of hemorrhoids, and the importance of birth control. This candid discussion aims to normalize these conversations, offer advice, and provide support to those going through similar experiences.