Niurka vents her anger by sending a powerful message to Wendy Guevara.


Niurka Marcos, a well-known Cuban actress and television personality, expressed her anger towards Wendy Guevara, a fellow actress, in a strong message. Niurka's frustration seems to stem from a personal issue between the two, and she did not hold back in expressing her feelings.

The controversy started when Wendy Guevara made comments about Niurka's son, Emilio. It appears that Wendy spoke negatively about Emilio in an interview, which fueled Niurka's anger. In her response, Niurka emphasized that nobody has the right to speak ill of someone's child, regardless of personal differences.

Niurka's message to Wendy was filled with strong words and accusations.


She called Wendy a "witch" and accused her of being envious and bitter. Niurka stressed that she was not afraid of confrontation and was willing to face Wendy in person to defend her son.

Additionally, Niurka claimed that Wendy had no talent and was only able to succeed in the entertainment industry due to her connections. She hinted at Wendy's involvement in inappropriate activities, suggesting that she had to resort to immoral behavior to get ahead in her career.

Interestingly, Niurka also made mention of infidelity in her message towards Wendy. Although it is unclear if this accusation is related to Wendy or someone associated with her, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the situation.


Despite the strong language used, Niurka made it clear that she was not interested in starting a public feud. Instead, she urged Wendy to apologize for her comments about Emilio. Niurka emphasized that until an apology was issued, she would not hesitate to defend her son against any further attacks.

In conclusion, this article discusses Niurka Marcos' angry message towards Wendy Guevara. The dispute between the two actresses appears to revolve around comments made about Niurka's son, Emilio. Niurka did not hold back in expressing her frustration and used strong language to describe Wendy. She accused Wendy of envy, bitterness, and lacking talent. While Niurka made it clear that she was not seeking a public feud, she demanded an apology and vowed to defend her son against any further attacks.