Intense 20-Minute Dumbbell Back Blast for Strength and Fat Burn [Power & Sculpt #16]


This article presents a 25-minute dumbbell workout routine that specifically focuses on building and toning the muscles in the back. It is part of a series called "Build & Burn #16," which aims to provide efficient and effective workout routines using dumbbells.

The workout consists of six exercises that target different muscle groups in the back. The first exercise is the single-arm bent-over row, which helps strengthen the upper back and improve posture. To perform this exercise, one should stand with one foot forward, support the body with one hand on a bench, and hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand.


The arm holding the dumbbell is then lifted, keeping the elbow close to the body, until it reaches hip level.

The second exercise is the renegade row, which works the upper back, shoulders, and core muscles. In this exercise, one should assume a push-up position with hands holding dumbbells. The dumbbells are then lifted alternatively towards the chest while keeping the core engaged.

The third exercise, the wide-grip bent-over row, targets the lats and mid-back muscles. The starting position is similar to the single-arm bent-over row, but both arms are used to lift the dumbbells simultaneously towards the abdomen.


The fourth exercise, the bent-over reverse fly, focuses on the rear deltoids and upper back muscles. One should stand with feet shoulder-width apart, bend forward with a slight knee flexion, and lift the dumbbells out to the sides until they reach shoulder level.

The fifth exercise targets the lower back and glutes. Called the dumbbell Romanian deadlift, it involves standing with feet hip-width apart and holding dumbbells in front of the thighs. The hips are then hinged back while maintaining a straight back, and the dumbbells are lowered towards the shins.

Finally, the last exercise is the dumbbell pullover, which primarily works the lats and chest muscles.


This exercise requires lying on a bench with the head and neck supported and holding a dumbbell over the chest. The dumbbell is then lowered behind the head while keeping the core engaged.

This complete back workout can be performed in a circuit fashion, with each exercise done for a specific number of repetitions or time, followed by a short rest period before moving on to the next exercise. It is recommended to use dumbbells that challenge but still allow for proper form and execution of the exercises. The workout provides an efficient and effective way to strengthen and tone the muscles in the back within a short period of time.