Tickle or Tackle Rib-tickling Interview 🤣🤣🤣


In a hilarious interview, participants are given the choice between being kissed or slapped. The aim is to evoke humorous responses and lighten the atmosphere. This creative concept breathes new life into the traditional interview process by introducing a comedic element.

During the interview, candidates are asked a series of questions, with a twist. Instead of providing a straightforward answer, they are given the option to receive a kiss or a slap. This unexpected proposition catches the participants off guard, forcing them to think quickly and offer up amusing responses.

The purpose of this unique approach is to assess the candidates' ability to think on their feet, demonstrate creativity, and showcase their sense of humor.


Rather than focusing solely on their professional qualifications, this interview method delves into their personality and how they react under pressure or in unfamiliar situations.

The reactions to the kiss or slap question vary greatly among the participants. Some individuals opt for the light-hearted and playful kiss, showcasing their willingness to take risks and embrace spontaneity. Others choose the slap, displaying their ability to handle unexpected circumstances with a touch of humor and resilience.

The unusual nature of this interview style helps to break down barriers between the interviewer and candidate, creating a more relaxed and informal setting.


It encourages the participants to let their guard down, allowing for a more authentic and genuine exchange.

Additionally, this lighthearted approach to interviewing may help bring out qualities in candidates that may not have been apparent in a traditional interview setup. Their offbeat responses and witty comebacks offer glimpses into their potential for creativity and adaptability in the workplace.

However, it is important to note that despite the amusing nature of this interview concept, it is crucial to maintain respect and professionalism throughout the process. Both the interviewer and candidate must ensure that boundaries are respected, and that no one is made uncomfortable or offended by any aspect of the interaction.


In conclusion, the kiss or slap funny interview injects a fresh and comical element into the standard interview process. It allows employers to assess candidates' ability to think on their feet and demonstrate their sense of humor, while also providing a more relaxed environment for genuine interaction. The combination of unusual questions and unexpected responses offers a unique insight into the candidates' personality traits and potential suitability for a role.