I Tried ALL Of The Vegan Food at Disneyland


In this article, the author describes their experience of trying all of the vegan food options available at Disneyland. They set out on a mission to explore the various plant-based dishes offered in the theme park and share their thoughts and recommendations.

The article begins by highlighting the increasing demand for vegan food and how Disneyland has responded to this trend by expanding their plant-based menu options. The author expresses their excitement and curiosity to taste and review the vegan food offerings throughout the park.

They begin their food adventure at the Plaza Inn, a classic dining spot famous for its fried chicken.


The author discovers that the restaurant now offers a vegan fried chicken alternative made from a combination of soy, wheat, and peas. They praise the taste and texture of this plant-based option and express their satisfaction.

Moving on to the Harbour Galley, the author dives into the vegan gumbo served at this seafood-themed eatery. They enjoy the rich and flavorful stew loaded with vegetables and find it to be a hearty and fulfilling meal option for vegans.

At the Tropical Hideaway, the author indulges in a variety of vegan-friendly snacks. They highly recommend the Jackfruit Bao, a steamed bun filled with savory jackfruit and accompanied by a tasty slaw.


They also enjoy the Sweet Pineapple Lumpia, a crispy pastry rolled with pineapple and plant-based cream cheese.

Next, the author explores the various vegan meal offerings at the Red Rose Taverne, a Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant. They relish the garden mozzarella flatbread topped with fresh vegetables and plant-based cheese. They also appreciate the tasty vegan burger complete with a plant-based patty, vegan cheese, and house-made Thousand Island dressing.

At Alien Pizza Planet, the author discovers a vegan pizza option made with dairy-free cheese and a robust tomato sauce. They find the pizza satisfying, flavorful, and suitable for vegans.


Lastly, the author visits the Carnation Café and tries the vegan chili and the vegan BBQ jackfruit sandwich. They find both dishes to be delicious and commend Disneyland for their commitment to offering high-quality and flavorful plant-based options.

Overall, the author concludes their review by praising Disneyland for their extensive effort in catering to vegan guests. They highly recommend trying the vegan food options at Disneyland, emphasizing that even non-vegans would enjoy the flavorful and diverse plant-based dishes.