Intense 20-Minute Dumbbell Chest Blast: Sculpt and Incinerate [Pump & Shred #20]


The article discusses a 25-minute dumbbell workout specifically targeting the chest muscles. This workout focuses on building strength and burning calories. It is part of a series called "Build & Burn" and is the 15th installment.

The workout consists of five different exercises that engage the chest muscles. The first exercise is the Dumbbell Cheat Press, where the dumbbells are lifted using momentum and then lowered slowly, providing a great burn for the chest muscles. This exercise is performed for 10 repetitions.

The second exercise is the Dumbbell Squeeze Press, which involves squeezing the dumbbells together while pressing them up.


This exercise helps to engage the inner chest muscles. Again, this exercise is performed for 10 repetitions.

The third exercise is the Dumbbell Fly to Press, where the dumbbells are brought together in a fly motion and then pressed up. This exercise targets the outer chest muscles as well as the triceps. It is performed for 10 repetitions.

The fourth exercise is the Dumbbell Pullover Press, which works the upper chest muscles. The dumbbells are lifted from the chest to overhead, focusing on the contraction of the upper chest. This exercise is performed for 10 repetitions.

The fifth and final exercise is the Dumbbell Pushup to Row.


It is a compound movement that combines a pushup with a row. This exercise targets the chest, triceps, and back muscles. It is performed for 10 repetitions.

The workout is designed to be performed without rest in between exercises. Once all five exercises are completed, a one-minute rest is taken, and the circuit is repeated for a total of four rounds.

The article emphasizes the importance of choosing an appropriate dumbbell weight to ensure proper form and prevent injury. It suggests starting with a moderate weight and adjusting as needed. It also recommends performing a warm-up before the workout and stretching afterwards.


The article concludes by highlighting the benefits of this 25-minute dumbbell chest workout. It helps to build strength and endurance in the chest muscles while also burning calories. This workout is convenient, time-efficient, and can be done at home or in the gym.

In summary, this article presents a 25-minute dumbbell chest workout as part of the "Build & Burn" series. It consists of five exercises targeting different areas of the chest muscles. The workout aims to build strength and burn calories efficiently. Proper form, warm-up, and stretching are emphasized, and the benefits of this workout are highlighted.