One Dumbbell, Powerful Guns: Killer Bicep Workout You Can Smash at Home!


This article provides a workout routine specifically designed for biceps using only a single dumbbell. The workout can be done at home, making it convenient for those who do not have access to a gym or multiple dumbbells. The main idea of the article is to demonstrate that a single dumbbell is sufficient for targeting and strengthening the biceps.

The workout routine consists of six exercises that effectively target the bicep muscles. The exercises focus on different aspects of the biceps, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded workout. The instructions for each exercise are explained in detail, making it easy for readers to follow along.


The first exercise is the standing alternating dumbbell curls. This exercise involves standing straight with the dumbbell in one hand, and then curling it towards the shoulder while keeping the upper arm stationary. The exercise is repeated for the opposite arm.

The second exercise is the hammer curls, which are similar to the alternating dumbbell curls but with a slight variation in grip. Instead of a regular supinated grip, the dumbbell is held with a neutral grip, palms facing each other. This targets the brachialis muscle in addition to the biceps.

The third exercise is the concentration curls. Sitting on a bench or chair, one arm is placed against the inner thigh while holding the dumbbell in that hand. The weight is then curled up towards the shoulder, isolating the biceps even further.


The fourth exercise is the incline curls. This exercise is performed by lying down on an incline bench and curling the dumbbell towards the shoulder. This variation of the exercise helps target the biceps from a different angle.

The fifth exercise is the close-grip curls. This exercise involves holding the dumbbell with a supinated grip, with the hands placed closer together. The curls are then performed, targeting the inner portion of the biceps.

The final exercise is the concentration hammer curls. Similar to the concentration curls, this exercise isolates the biceps by placing the arm against the inner thigh. However, the grip used is a neutral grip, palms facing each other, targeting both the biceps and brachialis.

The article highlights that although only one dumbbell is used for these exercises, it can still help build strength and muscle in the biceps. By following this workout routine regularly, individuals can achieve toned and stronger biceps even without access to a wide range of gym equipment.