Umma's Evolving Haircare Journey: From the Past to Present at Dermbypark


This article compares the hair care routine of a 72-year-old woman, referred to as Umma, when she was younger to her current routine. Umma's hair care routine from her younger days has evolved over the years.

In her youth, Umma followed a rather simple hair care routine. She washed her hair with herbal ingredients like henna, shikakai, and neem. These natural ingredients helped maintain the health and shine of her hair. Umma would also apply oil to her hair regularly and leave it in overnight, which provided nourishment and moisturization. She used a wooden comb for detangling and avoided using excessive heat or chemical-based hair products.


Despite the lack of elaborate products, Umma's hair remained strong and healthy.

Now, in her older years, Umma's hair care routine has undergone some changes. She still uses natural ingredients for washing her hair but has included newer products like mild shampoos and conditioners. Umma also incorporates hair masks and serums into her routine to combat the effects of aging. Additionally, she takes extra care to protect her hair from environmental damage by wearing scarves or hats when necessary.

Umma's overall approach to hair care has remained consistent throughout the years. She continues to prioritize the health and strength of her hair by avoiding harmful chemicals and excessive heat styling. The article suggests that Umma's traditional hair care routine has contributed to her maintaining healthy and beautiful hair even at the age of 72. The author also highlights the importance of a balanced diet and overall well-being for maintaining good hair health.