Winter Wonderland Watercolor: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Painting a Snowy Christmas Tree


This article presents a real-time watercolor tutorial on how to paint a snowy Christmas tree in a paint and sip setting. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on creating a beautiful winter scene using watercolor techniques.

The article begins by explaining that the tutorial is part of a paint and sip event, where participants can enjoy a relaxing evening while learning to paint. The artist leading the tutorial guides the participants through each step of the process, ensuring that even beginners can create a stunning piece of art.

The main focus of the tutorial is painting a snowy Christmas tree.


The artist starts by demonstrating how to create the background using a light blue wash of watercolor paint. This creates the illusion of a snowy sky. The artist adds a few hints of purple and pink to create depth and dimension.

Next, the artist moves on to the Christmas tree itself. Using a mix of green watercolor paints, the artist demonstrates how to create layers of branches and foliage, giving the tree a realistic look. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of using different shades of green to create depth and highlights on the tree.

To create the look of snow on the tree, the artist suggests using a mixture of white paint and water to create a subtle wash.


This adds texture to the branches and gives the tree a winter feel.

The tutorial also covers how to paint the ornaments and lights on the tree. The artist suggests using metallic watercolors or adding a touch of white paint to create a reflective effect on the ornaments. The lights can be created by using small dots of yellow or gold paint.

Finally, the artist demonstrates how to add the finishing touches to the painting. This includes adding snowflakes to the sky, using a fine brush and white paint. The tutorial encourages participants to get creative with their snowflakes, making each one unique.


Overall, this article provides a detailed real-time watercolor tutorial on how to paint a snowy Christmas tree. It highlights the step-by-step process of creating the background, tree, ornaments, and finishing touches. This tutorial is suitable for beginners and offers an opportunity for participants to enjoy a paint and sip event while creating a beautiful piece of art.