Everyday Makeup Routine for Radiant Skin: Must-Have Products and Easy Steps for Beginners | Shakayla


In this article, beauty blogger Shakayla shares her everyday makeup routine for achieving glowing skin. She delves into detail about her favorite products and provides a beginner-friendly guide for those just starting out.

Shakayla begins by emphasizing the importance of skincare before makeup application. She believes that a good skincare routine is essential for achieving a natural and radiant glow. She recommends starting with a clean, moisturized face as a base for the makeup.

Moving on to the makeup routine, Shakayla starts with a lightweight, dewy foundation. She suggests using a brush or sponge to blend it seamlessly into the skin.


To further enhance the glow, she applies a liquid highlighter on the high points of her face, such as the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.

Next, she moves on to her eyebrows. Shakayla prefers using a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and create a defined shape. She then sets her brows in place with a clear brow gel for a polished look.

For the eyes, Shakayla keeps it simple with a neutral eyeshadow shade and a few coats of mascara. She believes that a soft, natural look on the eyes complements the overall glowy skin look.

To achieve a healthy flush on the cheeks, she opts for a cream blush.


Shakayla finds that cream formulas blend seamlessly into the skin, creating a natural flush that lasts all day. She recommends using her fingers to apply the blush and blending it out towards the temples.

Moving on to the lips, Shakayla suggests using a tinted lip balm for a hint of color and hydration. She prefers a natural shade that enhances her natural lip color without overpowering the rest of the makeup.

To set everything in place and give an extra boost of glow, Shakayla uses a setting spray with illuminating properties. She spritzes it all over her face, ensuring that her makeup lasts all day while keeping the dewy and fresh look intact.


Overall, Shakayla's everyday makeup routine focuses on achieving a natural and glowing complexion. By selecting lightweight and dewy products and opting for a soft and natural look on the eyes and lips, she creates a simple yet radiant makeup look that is perfect for everyday wear. Whether you are a beginner or a makeup enthusiast, this routine is easy to follow and will leave you with a beautiful and glowing finish.