Crimson Dusk by the Shore: Live Watercolor Tutorial of Cannon Beach's Enchanting Sunset


This article provides a live watercolor tutorial on how to paint a Cannon Beach sunset. The tutorial is part of a paint and sip session, where participants can enjoy painting while sipping on their favorite beverages.

The tutorial begins by explaining the materials needed for the painting. These include watercolor paper, watercolor paints, brushes of various sizes, a water jar, and a paper towel. The instructor also suggests having a reference photo of a Cannon Beach sunset for inspiration.

Next, the instructor discusses the importance of starting with a sketch. They demonstrate how to lightly sketch the basic elements of the beach and the sunset using a pencil.


This initial sketch helps to establish the composition and layout of the painting.

Once the sketch is complete, the instructor guides the participants through the process of painting the sky. They recommend starting with a wet-on-wet technique, where the paper is wetted with clean water before applying the paint. This allows the colors to blend and create a smooth gradient representing the sunset hues.

After painting the sky, the tutorial moves on to the beach and the water. The instructor explains how to mix different shades of blue and brown to depict the ocean and the sandy coastline. They demonstrate various brush techniques to create textures and add detail to the painting.


As the painting progresses, the instructor addresses common challenges and provides tips for overcoming them. For instance, they explain how to fix mistakes or make adjustments to the painting by lifting some of the paint with a clean, damp brush.

Throughout the tutorial, the participants are encouraged to experiment and add their personal touch to the artwork. The instructor emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process and not being too focused on achieving perfection.

By the end of the tutorial, the participants have learned how to create a beautiful watercolor painting of a Cannon Beach sunset.


The instructor wraps up the session by reminding everyone to sign their artwork and sharing suggestions on how to properly display and care for their finished paintings.

Overall, this live watercolor tutorial provides step-by-step guidance on painting a Cannon Beach sunset. It allows participants to enhance their painting skills in a relaxed and enjoyable environment while sipping on their favorite beverages. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this tutorial offers useful tips and techniques to create a stunning watercolor masterpiece.