Learn How to Cut Layered Hair in 5 Minutes at Home: Quick and Easy Step-by-Step Guide


This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a layered haircut for short hair at home. The tutorial is designed to be easy and time-efficient, taking only 5 minutes to complete. Layered haircuts add volume and movement to short hair, giving it a more dynamic and textured look.

To start, gather all the necessary tools, including a comb, hair-cutting scissors, and hair clips or elastics. It's important to work with clean and dry hair to ensure accuracy and precision during the cutting process.

Begin by combing through your hair to remove any tangles and ensure a smooth surface. Part your hair according to your desired style or preference.


Next, clip or tie the top section of your hair away from the rest, leaving only the bottom section loose. This will allow you to focus on layering the bottom portion first.

For the layering technique, hold a small section of hair between your index and middle fingers, keeping the hair parallel to your fingers. Trim off the desired length, bearing in mind that shorter cuts will result in more defined layers. Gradually work your way around the back and sides of your hair, cutting small sections at a time, until the bottom layer is complete.

Once the bottom layer is finished, release the top section of your hair and let it fall down.


Comb through it again to ensure smoothness and evenness. Separate the top section into smaller sections, as before, and start working on each one individually.

Hold each section between your fingers and cut horizontally, making sure to blend the layers seamlessly with the bottom section. Take your time and check the length after each cut to ensure symmetry and accuracy.

After completing all the sections, comb through your hair once more to ensure everything is uniform and no stray hairs remain. Trim any necessary areas to perfect the shape and length.

It's important to remember that less is more when it comes to trimming hair, especially for beginners.


Start with small cuts, as hair can always be shortened further if needed. You can always visit a professional stylist if you're unsure or uncomfortable with cutting your own hair.

In conclusion, this tutorial provides a simple and efficient way to create a layered haircut for short hair at home. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can achieve a stylish and texturized look in just 5 minutes.