Top Picks of January 2016


In an article titled "January Favorites 2016," the author discusses their favorite things from the month of January. They begin by mentioning their favorite book, which is a memoir about a woman's experiences in rural Kentucky. The author praises the writing style and the vivid descriptions of the setting.

Next, the author lists their favorite beauty product of the month, which is a hydrating face mask. They explain that the mask is easy to apply and leaves their skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

The author then goes on to talk about their favorite film of the month, which is a comedy that they found to be hilarious and well-acted. They also mention their favorite TV show, a crime drama that keeps them on the edge of their seat with its suspenseful plot.


Moving on to music, the author reveals their favorite album of the month, which is by a new indie artist. They appreciate the artist's unique sound and meaningful lyrics. They also highlight their favorite song of the month, a catchy pop track that they can't stop listening to.

Finally, the author shares their favorite food item of the month: a new flavor of ice cream they discovered. They describe it as rich and indulgent, and eagerly anticipate trying more flavors from the same brand.

Overall, the author's January favorites include a captivating book, a hydrating face mask, a hilarious comedy film, an intense crime drama TV show, an indie album, a catchy pop song, and a decadent ice cream flavor.