The Perfect Way to Touch Up Sunscreen on Makeup | Expert Advice from Dr. Joyce


In this article, titled "How to Reapply Sunscreen over Makeup," Dr. Joyce, a dermatologist, provides helpful tips on how to effectively reapply sunscreen without smudging or disturbing your makeup.

Dr. Joyce emphasizes the importance of reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, especially when wearing makeup, to ensure adequate sun protection. She mentions that makeup with SPF is not sufficient for sun protection as the amount applied is usually not enough to meet the recommended dosage.

To apply sunscreen over makeup, Dr. Joyce recommends using a sponge or brush rather than your fingers. This helps to minimize smudging and evenly distribute the sunscreen. She suggests opting for a mineral-based sunscreen, preferably in powder form, as it tends to be less likely to disrupt makeup. Mineral sunscreens often contain ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which provide a physical barrier against UV rays.


Before applying sunscreen, Dr. Joyce recommends blotting away any excess oil or sweat from the face using a blotting paper or tissue. This step ensures a clean surface for sunscreen application. She advises gently pressing the sponge or brush into the sunscreen and then lightly dabbing it onto the skin, focusing particularly on areas that receive the most sun exposure.

When reapplying sunscreen, it is important to be mindful of not overloading the skin with excessive layers of product. Dr. Joyce suggests using a translucent sunscreen powder as it offers both sun protection and oil absorption, helping to keep the makeup intact while providing additional sun protection.


Dr. Joyce also mentions the option of using a spray sunscreen, especially for those who have minimal makeup on. She advises holding the spray bottle at least six inches away from the face and lightly misting the sunscreen onto the skin, ensuring even coverage.

Throughout the day, Dr. Joyce recommends blotting the face with a blotting paper or tissue in case of any excess oil or sweat. Once the face is blotted, the sunscreen can be reapplied using the aforementioned methods.

In conclusion, Dr. Joyce emphasizes the importance of reapplying sunscreen over makeup to maintain adequate sun protection. She suggests using a sponge or brush to apply mineral-based sunscreen, focusing on areas that are most exposed to the sun. Translucent sunscreen powder or spray sunscreens are also recommended for effective reapplication. By following these tips, one can ensure their makeup stays intact while providing continuous protection against harmful UV rays.