Tackling Home Chaos: An Organizational Journey || Vlogmas Day 6


In this vlog, the content revolves around home organization and cleaning, which is a part of a series of vlogs titled "Vlogmas Day 6." The main idea of the vlog is to showcase the process and results of organizing and cleaning one's home.

The vlogger begins by introducing the viewers to the vlog and mentioning that it is Vlogmas Day 6. Vlogmas, a portmanteau of vlog and Christmas, is a popular trend among vloggers where they upload daily vlogs throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas.

The vlog then moves on to the main content, which is home organization and cleaning. The vlogger starts by showing the current state of the house, highlighting areas that need attention and organization.


This includes cluttered surfaces, messy closets, and disorganized drawers.

After showcasing the areas that require cleaning and organization, the vlogger begins the process. They start by decluttering surfaces, removing any unnecessary items, and finding proper places for them. This helps to create a cleaner and more organized living space.

Next, the vlogger moves on to cleaning the different areas of the house. They demonstrate various cleaning techniques and products that they use to tackle different surfaces and materials. This includes wiping down countertops, cleaning windows, vacuuming floors, and dusting furniture.


Throughout the vlog, the vlogger emphasizes the importance of staying organized and maintaining a clean living space. They explain that an organized and clean home not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to a more peaceful and relaxed environment.

As the vlog nears its end, the vlogger showcases the final results of their efforts. The house is now clutter-free, surfaces are clean and tidy, and everything is in its proper place. The vlogger expresses satisfaction with the outcome and encourages viewers to prioritize home organization and cleaning regularly.

In conclusion, this vlog focuses on home organization and cleaning as part of Vlogmas Day 6. The vlogger showcases the process of decluttering and cleaning various areas of the house, highlighting the importance of maintaining an organized and clean living space. The vlog encourages viewers to prioritize home organization and cleaning for a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment.