Sip and Paint: Captivating Real-Time Watercolor Tutorial of Delicate Poppy Flowers


This article discusses a tutorial for painting poppies in real time with watercolors. The term "paint n sip" refers to a social event where people gather to paint and enjoy a beverage. In this specific tutorial, the focus is on creating a realistic depiction of poppies using watercolor techniques.

The tutorial takes place in a paint n sip session number 63, where participants learn how to paint poppies in real time. The main objective is to guide individuals through the process of creating a beautiful watercolor painting of poppies, step by step.

The article emphasizes that this tutorial is suitable for beginners and those with prior experience in watercolor painting.


It aims to provide everyone with the necessary skills to create a realistic image of poppies on paper.

The tutorial begins by explaining the materials needed for the session. These materials include watercolor paper, watercolor brushes, a water cup, a palette, and various watercolor paints in red, green, yellow, and black. It is essential to have a range of brush sizes to achieve different effects.

The first step involves sketching the basic outline of the poppy flowers using a pencil. The instructor suggests starting with a large poppy in the center and adding smaller ones around it, along with some foliage.


The outline should be loose and gentle to create a natural look.

Once the sketch is complete, the tutorial moves on to applying watercolor. The instructor advises starting with a light wash of yellow for the poppy petals and layering with red to create depth and shading. It is important to let each layer dry before adding the next to avoid color bleeding.

Next, the tutorial focuses on the center of the poppy flowers, explaining how to create the intricate detailing using a darker shade of red and black. The instructor demonstrates different brush techniques to capture the delicate textures and highlights within the petals.


For the foliage, a mixture of green and black is used to achieve a realistic appearance. The instructor shows how to create varying tones and textures by manipulating the brushstrokes.

Throughout the tutorial, the instructor provides tips and guidance on blending colors, creating highlights, and adding details to enhance the overall painting.

In conclusion, this tutorial is designed to guide individuals through the process of painting poppies with watercolors in real time. By following the step-by-step instructions and utilizing different watercolor techniques, participants can create a beautiful and realistic representation of poppies on paper.