Sip n' Brush: Breezy Waters - Real-time Watercolor Tutorial at Killiney Beach


In this article, the author presents a real-time watercolor tutorial titled "Paint n sip #68 | Killiney beach." The tutorial focuses on creating a watercolor painting of Killiney Beach while instructing viewers on how to achieve certain techniques and effects.

The tutorial begins by introducing the materials needed for the painting, such as watercolor brushes, paints, and watercolor paper. The author explains that it is essential to have a good quality paper to ensure the best results.

The author then starts the painting by first sketching the outline of the beach and the horizon line. They explain the importance of capturing the proportions and perspective correctly.


Using light pencil strokes, the author creates a basic outline of the scene.

Moving on to the painting process, the author starts by wetting the sky area with a clean brush and applies a light blue wash using a mix of cobalt blue and cerulean blue. They emphasize the importance of leaving some white areas for clouds and highlights.

Next, the author demonstrates the technique of wet-on-wet painting to create the sea and beach. By wetting the paper thoroughly with clean water, they apply layers of blue and green pigments, allowing them to blend and create the illusion of waves and depth.

The author then adds details to the scene, such as rocks on the beach and distant boats on the horizon.


They explain how to use smaller brushes and darker pigments to create these elements effectively. They also introduce dry brush techniques to add texture and highlights to the rocks.

Throughout the tutorial, the author provides insightful tips and advice on color mixing, brush techniques, and achieving different effects. They encourage viewers to experiment and have fun with their painting, reminding them that each artwork is unique and personal.

In conclusion, the real-time watercolor tutorial "Paint n sip #68 | Killiney beach" guides viewers through the process of creating a watercolor painting of Killiney Beach. It covers various techniques, such as wet-on-wet painting and dry brushing, while offering tips and advice to help viewers achieve the desired effects. The tutorial encourages creativity and experimentation while emphasizing the importance of capturing proportions and perspective accurately.